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Second SEISS Grant: Are You Eligible?

Criteria for the 2nd Self-Employed Income Support Grant Explained

Many self-employed business owners breathed a sigh of relief when the government announced a second tranche of the Self-Employed Income Support Scheme (SEISS), claimable in August, however with businesses beginning to emerge from lockdown not everyone will be eligible.
To qualify for the second SEISS Grant the business must be ‘adversely affected’ by the coronavirus pandemic on or after 14th July 2020.
HMRC have inserted the requirement of being ‘adversely affected’ as a pre-condition for claiming however it has been left to them to interpret what this means.
To be considered adversely affected HMRC says a business must have temporarily stopped trading, the trading has been scaled back, or the business has incurred additional costs. There are 5 possible causes:
  • business supply chain has been interrupted
  • reduced number of clients / customers
  • business contracts have been cancelled or put on hold
  • staff have been unable to work
  • the business has had to buy PPE in order to trade
Furthermore you may be eligible as the owner if you are unable to work as you are shielding or living with someone in the household who is shielding, are self-isolating after displaying symptoms or have caring responsibilities because of coronavirus.
There is no clear guidance on how long a period of non-trade must be to be eligible or what percentage of business downturn is required to claim. We recommend anyone who plans to claim keeps written note of closure, staff absences, business downturn or any other reason you feel makes you eligible for the grant.
Lastly, we urge clients to remember that the SEISS grants are taxable and will form part of your income / profits for the year.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any guidance or assistance in determining your eligibility or if you are unsure of how to claim.

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